Bella Bats for Change

What BFC is about?

Batting for change is all about using our cricket skills for something bigger than personal gain or selection. Girls in Sri Lanka and India living in poverty-stricken areas rarely get to complete year 12 equivalent education let alone attend university.  

Ryan Carters created a way to make a difference in these girls’ lives. He decided he would raise money for these girls and fund uni scholarships so that they would have the opportunity to attend tertiary education. His charity was created to bring families out of poverty through education.   

People from all over Australia are asked by Ryan to please pledge a donation amount for every 6 hit by Ryan or a Sydney Sixers player in the BBL tournament each year. This money is then added up with 100% of funds raised going to girls living in the poverty-stricken areas of India and Sri Lanka and is used to fund scholarships for them.  

How I became involved

I was looking for a way to use my cricket for something bigger then myself. Trying to get to the next level and selection became my focus, which was putting pressure on me and my cricket performance was worsening rather than improving.  

During this time, I kept coming across news stories and Facebook updates about Ryan’s BFC journey. I read all about it and became excited that I could use my cricket to help others in need.  I decided that I had to be involved and that I would love the opportunity to use my own cricket matches no matter what level to make a difference in these girls’ lives.  

What my involvement is/ will be

Ryan Carters has asked me to be BFC’s first ever, Junior Change Maker.  

From Feb 2016 until December 31st 2016 I will tally up the total amount of boundaries I hit, whether it is a 4 or 6. I am asking my family, friends, teammates, cricket clubs and anyone else from the public to please make a donation pledge per boundary I hit. Donations can be as large or as small as people wish to donate, but remember even a gold coin pledge per boundary I hit helps these girls heaps and makes a big difference in their world.  

So far I have hit 18 boundaries and raised just over $1200. It is very exciting each time I hit a boundary when I am batting, as I know this is going towards something bigger than me.  

In January 2017 I will present Ryan Carters and his BFC charity with the total amount of money I have raised. 100% of these funds will go to the girls living in these poverty-stricken areas in India and Sri Lanka and create the opportunity for them to receive further education and bring their family out of poverty.  

How other people can contribute

1.  Pledge a donation per boundary I hit
2.  Make a one off donation to me
3.  Spread the word to your family, friends and work colleagues about pledging a donation per boundary or a one off donation
4.  Like and share my Facebook Page to get the word out


Bank Account Details

Account Name: Batting for Change

BSB: 062692

Account Number: 27135892