Junior Girls Cricket Information

Gordon actively participates in Junior Girls' Cricket. Unlike 'boys' cricket, girls cricket age-banding is wide, and participation is skills-based rather than age-based. Gordon runs three levels of Junior Cricket, and at all levels, the primary emphasis is on having fun and developing individual and team skills:

Beginners: 'BoyFreeZone' - a Cricket NSW-sponsored periodic programme for girls aged 8 to 14 who've never played cricket before, and works either as an excellent 'stand-alone' programme, or as an ideal pathway into girl's team-based cricket. As a 'drills and skills' based programme, the focus is on developing hand-eye co-ordination, familiarity with bat, ball, running, and on how to work with team mates. 

Juniors: 'Incrediball' - the entry level into formal team-based Saturday afternoon cricket. Girls playing at this level would often have had a season or two of BoyFreeZone (or similar, like Kanga or Milo's 'Have-a-Go'), before moving into Incrediball. Typical ages are between 9 and 13. This level uses heavily modified rules and an intermediate weight/hardness of cricket ball specifically for young players. A variable pitch length is used, game format is 20 overs per innings, batters face a quota of balls and can be 'out' a number of times before retiring, and only 6 balls per over are allowed. Matches run between 2pm and 4:30pm Saturday afternoons at various North Shore grounds (Hornsby, St Ives, Wahroonga, Curl Curl etc). Our Juniors Incrediball team were 2006/7 Premiers, and 3rd in 2007/8.

Juniors: 'Hardball' - the next level of team-based competitive cricket. Girls playing at this level would typically have a year or two of Incrediball, and be approximately under 14 years of age. This format uses less rule modifications than Incrediball, a hard 142g leather ball (still smaller than adult size), and a full 20m pitch. Games are Twenty20 and have a maximum of 8 on-field players, a maximum of 8 batters (although more fielders can rotate if squads are bigger) with up to 8 balls per over. Batters retire at 20 runs and can resume their innings when all other batters are either dismissed or have retired. Matches run between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday afternoons at various North Shore grounds (St Ives, Castle Hill, Mt Colah, Dural etc). Our Juniors Hardball team were premiers in 2008/9 and 2009/10 (St Gordon), finalists in 2006/7, and semi-finalists in 2007/8.

These two teams play under the competitions organised and overseen by the North Sydney Girls Cricket Association (NSGCA). Depending on the level of play, there are between 4 and 7 clubs running teams for the competitions.

Junior Representatives

The representative competition is a highly popular 'carnival' format in the last week of the January school holidays.  Game formats are 30-40 overs, with 7-8 Sydney metropolitan Association teams in the competition. Representative selection is on an eligibility and trials basis:


'     any girl who lives in the Northern Sydney area is eligible to trial and play for the NSGCA DCA representative teams. There will not be any first preference over girls who play in the Northern Sydney association.

'     U15 - players must be Under 15 as at 12pm midnight on 31 August 2010 to be eligible for selection. U13 - players must be Under 13 on the above date to be eligible for selection.



Juniors Training

Commences Wednesday - 10th October 2012 from 5.30pm-7pm at Chatswood Oval

Contact Us

All enquiries to Junior Co-ordinator Bryce Thompson 0417 663 508 or brycethompson@ozemail.com.au