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Welcome to the Player Information section of our website. Inside you will find helpful information designed to welcome and inform you about, club contacts, playing conditions, and your role as a member of GDCCWD.  

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Have been prepared to assist new and returning players with common questions about the club and the competition.  

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with this area of your website and enjoy the season ahead.

As this section is dedicated to you the player(s), we welcome any feedback you may have on the information displayed any items you feel should be included.

Season 2012/13 Committee

Season 2012/13 Committee

Congratulations and thankyou to following people who have been elected to the GDWCC committee for season 2012/13:


Executive Committee

President                   Jessica Henry

Deputy President        Nicky Paterson

Secretary                   Emma Doutreband

Treasurer                   Lisa Chan

This represents an unchanged Executive Committee.


Social                        Karina Stafford (Convener)

Selection                    Mechelle Hare (Coach)

Sponsorship                Position Vacant – enquiries welcome!

Grounds                     Michael Sherwood

Equipment                  Bryce Thompson

Archivist                     Alyce Sherwood

SCA Delegate              Creon Cambitzi

NSGCA Delegate          Bryce Thompson

Publicity                     Jess Davidson, to be assisted by Edwina Chappel

Website                     Jane Warrilow and Emma Sherwood

Thank you to all for volunteering to assist. We have a great spread of experience on this General Committee which will be of immense value. These volunteers are the leads for their function. Assistant volunteers always welcome!

Club Patron

Gordon's Australia representative, Lisa Sthalekar, will continue in her role as Club Patron.

Draw and Results

Draw and Results

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Brewer's Shield

Ground information

CNSW Heat Guidelines

CNSW Heat Guidelines

Cricket NSW’s guide to beating the heat this season.

Heat Guidelines

Cricket Australia Laws & Policies

Cricket Australia Laws & Policies

Cricket Australia Laws & Policies

Cricket Australia Rules & Regulations



Coming soon



Click here to register for the 2016/17 season

Payment guide - pay registration fees before September 30th to receive a $30 discount

Player responsibilities



Wet Weather

Wet Weather

Although we are due for a dry season you just never know s0 all please note the following in the event of wet weather:

1)      Training - Chatswood Oval every Wednesday

In the event that training won't be held due to wet weather we will do our best to update the website by 2pm on the Wednesday. Please note that frequently we will choose to train without the nets rather than just calling it off. Therefore, unless it has been raining for days, or it is bucketing at the time then training in some shape or form will be on.

Check the Facebook and the website for updates.

2)      Match Day Guidelines

1st and 2nd Grade along with Brewer Shield all play on quality turf pitches. It is a requirement of the competition playing conditions that these grounds be covered the night before hence unless it is raining when the match is due to commence or water has made its way under the covers, it is very likely that you will play. Note** if you are playing at home and the match is called off you will still need to attend the ground to remove and fold the covers. Your Captain will let you know what is required.

3rd Grade and Juniors play on synthetic pitches and it is very unlikely that your matches will be called off unless the Council closes the ground. This doesn't happen very often.

The Match Day Golden Rule for ALL PLAYERS

On match day turn up to the ground unless you receive a call from your Captain or Manager telling you the game has been called off!!

Please also be reminded that you can check the website for:

'       Match Fixtures

'       Team announcements

'       Weekly results

'       Important club updates!




Each season the club recognizes players and individuals for not only their performances on the field, but also for their contribution(s) to the club, junior development, the game of cricket and the broader community.

GDCCWD has two categories of awards:

  • Perpetual Trophies € Club Level Recognition
  • Non-Perpetual Trophies € Team Level Recognition

Non-Perpetual Trophies

Non-Perpetual Trophies


To be awarded in each grade:

  • 1 - batting average
  • 2 - batting aggregate
  • 3 - bowling average
  • 4 - bowling aggregate
  • 5 - Player of the Year
  • 6 - Player's Player (judged by each team)

Guideline for eligibility for awards:


Grade Wickets Runs
1st 10 100
2nd 10 100
3rd 10 100
U18s 10 100

Perpetual Trophies

Perpetual Trophies

Club Woman of the Year - This perpetual award is the most prestigious award bestowed by the Club. The award is decided by the club with one vote to each member of the club. It is envisaged that this award will go to the person who has done the most for the club over the past season through assistance in club administration, assistance offered to other club members to help them in their cricket careers, a person who displays club loyalty and who supports club social functions. Player performance, though it will be considered, is not to be rated above the fore-mentioned.

Club Player of the Year - to be decided by statistical records of the seasons performances by each individual player, to include all performances by an individual regardless of the grade in which the performance was attained.

Most Promising Player - awarded to a young member of the club the Executive believes shows the most promising future; the current seasons performances and representative honours compared to the previous season are to be the main criteria.

Encouragement Award - awarded to the person judged by the Executive to be the most improved player. All aspects of their game are to be considered, and current seasons form compared to the previous seasons is to be taken into account.




Club Woman of the Year Most Promising Player
1991/92 Jessica Henry/Vicki Selden    
1992/93 Denise Annetts 1992/93 Angela O'Neil
1993/94 Sue Heard 1993/94 Taryn Keir
1994/95 Geri Rieper 1994/95 Martha Winch
1995/96 Chris Corbett 1995/96 Michelle Reed
1996/97 Therese Pares 1996/97 Gen Whitlam
1997/98 Jane Warrilow 1997/98 Charlotte Anneveld
1998/99 Chris Corbett 1998/99 Narissa Dolbel
1999/00 Not awarded 1999/00 Susan Daniel
2000/01 Jessica Henry 2000/01 Kate Blackwell
2001/02 Jessica Henry 2001/02 Krystle Clark
2002/03 Therese Pares 2002/03 Tegan Clarke
2003/04 Donna Little 2003/04 Hannah Perry
2004/05 Donna Little 2004/05 Alex Julien
2005/06 Donna Little 2005/06 Lauren Hamman
2006/07 Donna Little 2006/07 Shannon Heath
2007/08 Nicky Paterson 2007/08 Mathilda Carmichael
2008/09 Nicky Paterson 2008/09 Hannah Trollip
2009/10 Jessica Henry 2009/10 Hannah Trollip
2010/11 Lisa Chan 2010/11 Emily Leys
2011/12 Jessica Henry 2011/12 Heidi Cheadle
2012/13 Jessica Henry 2012/13 Taryn Heddo
2013/14 Jessica Henry 2013/14 Saskia Horley
Player of the Year Encouragement Award
1991/92 Robyn Culey    
1992/93 Lisa Sthalekar    
1993/94 Bronwyn Calver 1993/94 Megan Payne
1994/95 Jane Warrilow 1994/95 Elanore Drynan
1995/96 Debbie Collins 1995/96 Therese Pares
1996/97 Debbie Collins 1996/97 Donna Little
1997/98 Cathie Elsworth 1997/98 Hilary Stiel /Susan Daniel
1998/99 Jenny Baldwin 1998/99 Frances Dickson
1999/00 Robyn Culey 1999/00 Vicki Heydon
2000/01 Bronwyn Calver 2000/01 Melissa O'Brien
2001/02 Melissa O'Brien 2001/02 Ellie Bradshaw
2002/03 Amy Buttsworth 2002/03 Neha Sharma/Alex Vaughan
2003/04 Bronwyn Calver 2003/04 Stephanie Lum
2004/05 Bronwyn Calver 2004/05 Siobahn Luczak/Anna Reid/Jess Lamb
2005/06  Shannon Heath 2005/06 Kristy Williams/Lia Fayle/Kate Griffiths/Angela Lennard
2006/07 Charlotte Anneveld 2006/07 Sarah Frost/Rachel Lodge/Melissa Penn
2007/08 Bronwyn Calver 2007/08 Rebecca Hudson/Erin Coggins/Rachel Lodge
2008/09 Emma Sherwood 2008/09 Emma Doutreband/Nicole Shaw/Ramya Rajkumar
2009/10 Emma Sherwood 2009/10 Kristy Williams/Stephanie Hickman/Aranee Ramachandran/Ellen Dobrijevic/Felicity Trinh
2010/11 Hannah Trollip 2010/11 Joanna Lawson, Allana Benson, Erin Coggins, Lauren Cambitzi
2011/12 Emma Sherwood 2011/12 Victoria King
Gemma Thornton
Kirsten Levy
Annika Clayton
2012/13 Claire Jones 2012/13 Kimberley Cole
Emma Spencer
Phoebe Thompson
Hannah Dews
2013/14 Mary Molloy 2013/14 Sally Butcher
Jessie Maclaine
Katie McLean
Shagufta Barkat
Bonnie Almond
Volunteer of the Year  
2007/08 Creon Cambitzi    
2008/09 Keith Maclaine    
2009/10 Gerry Richards
2010/11 Bryce Thompson
2011/12 Glenn Shaw
2012/13 Steven Bird
2013/14 Bryce Thompson
Important Contacts

Important Contacts

Important contacts for season 2014/2015


Jessica Henry
Phone:m 0412 741 704


Deputy President
Hannah Trollip
Phone:m 0431 379 508

Claire Jones
Phone:m 0414 318 587


Bryce Thompson
Phone:m 0417 663 508



Junior Contact
Jess Henry
Phone:m 0412 741 704


Postal Address
PO Box 943
Hornsby NSW 1630

Email Correspondence
Message from the President

Message from the President

Welcome to the 2016-17 season! This will be the 35th season for the Mighty Reds.


Congratulations and a huge thank you to the following people who have volunteered to ensure the smooth running of your Club for the coming season:

President                         Jessica Henry (21st term)

Deputy President             Hannah Trollip (3rd term)

Secretary                        Claire Jones (3rd term)

Treasurer                        Bryce Thompson (2nd term)

Equipment Officer            Bryce Thompson

Archivist                          Jessica Henry    

SCA Delegate                   Claire Jones

Grounds Convener            Bryce Thompson

Sponsorship Alex Mueller

Social Charlotte Anneveld & Emma Doutreband

Selection Alex Mueller & Hannah Trollip



We can never have too many volunteers so please do put your hand up if you think you can help in anyway. We are seeking scorers, coaches, social committee members, team managers, and even gun BBQ-er’s to assist throughout the season.


Watch the website and join our Facebook page for updates every week. Feel free to provide web stories for publishing!

Facebook page link below- and search for Gordon Women's District Cricket Club


Jess Henry


Player Behaviour

Player Behaviour

 3rd grade premiers 2008/09PLAYER BEHAVIOUR

The Club promotes competitive but fair play of the highest standard and supports the ideals and traditions of the game of cricket.

All players, officials and office bearers are expected to abide with the Code of Conduct as laid down by the SCAWC and NSWCA in the Competition Handbook.

All players are expected to provide their captains with support and assistance. Expressions of frustration, disappointment and anger are best conducted away from the team and spectators. Players should keep in mind the potential negative effects that their actions may have.

If players have feedback or suggestions, consult your captain, manager or a member of the Club Committee.

Grade Players are expected to attend training and arrive at grounds at least 1 hour before the match commences.

Team Captain

Team Captain

Captains are appointed as they are perceived to have leadership and inter-personal skills. Their responsibilities are not confined to on-field activities but include management off the field as well. However, where a manager is appointed to a team these duties would be shared accordingly.

The attached job description outlines the club's expectations.



Practice is a vital component in developing player skills and the Club policy, requires players to attend all training sessions each week where they will learn many new drills and skills to help further their cricket abilities both on and off the field.

• Official club practice is conducted on Wednesdays starting from 5.30pm during daylight saving. Venue to be confirmed (Chatswood oval is undergoing renovations). Please check the Training Session Page for details - watch website for wet weather updates for training
• Nets are graded to ensure maximum benefit to players. This year we will also be running some drills with a mix of senior and junior players to learn from each other.
• Specialist skill sessions will also be run during the season. Guest coaches will attend from time to time. Keep an eye on the website for updates on when these special sessions will be available.
• All players are to wear Club attire at all training sessions.
• Unless it is torrentially raining, training is on. If the turf wickets are too wet activities will be organised- watch the website for wet weather updates.
• Players are expected to participate during the entire session.
• Players are expected to attend the complete session unless work commitments prevent them from doing so. If for some reason you are unable to attend training, please let me or your team captain know as soon as possible.
• Club practice is the opportunity to work on improving your strengths and work on eliminating your weaknesses. The more you put in, the more you will get out.
• Club practices will be demanding but enjoyable and rewarding.

COACH: Mechelle Hare