Representative Players


GDCCWD has a long and distinguished list of players who have represented at the highest level. These include :

Karen Price, Denise Annetts, Sally Griffiths, Sally Moffat, Bronwyn Calver, Lisa Sthalekar, Alex Blackwell, Kris Britt and Shannon Cunneen. The 2003/04 Season saw GDCCWD produce a record FOUR Australian players.

Australian Youth
Angela O'Neil, Lisa Sthalekar, Alex Blackwell, Kate Blackwell and Charlotte Anneveld.

New South Wales
Denise Annetts, Karen Price, Sally Griffiths, Sally Moffat, Michelle Stenning, Angela O'Neil, Bronwyn Calver, Lisa Sthalekar, Shannon Cunneen, Alex Blackwell, Charlotte Anneveld, Kate Blackwell, Hannah Trollip and Emily Lees

GDCCWD has a history of drawing players from far away. Jodie Davis and Bronwyn Calver travelled from Canberra every weekend each summer for too many seasons to count! We have had players from as far afield as England and Ireland ! As a result we can lay claim to some unusual international contacts and representative achievements :

Rosalie Birch

Charlotte Edwards

Violet Wattenberg

Sonia Reamsbottom

Clare Shillington 

Papua New Guinea

Kaia Arua

West Indies
Kirbyina Alexander

Deandra Dottin

South Australia
Kris Britt

Australian Capital Territory
Jodie Davis, Bronwyn Calver, Kris Britt, Suzanne van Strien (CA Cup), Jess Moyes (CA Cup), Amy Jason-Jones, Bec McRae (CA Cup), Jessica Bill (CA Cup), Kristy Williams (CA Cup), Charlotte Anneveld, Elizabeth Howell (CA Cup)

Emma Thompson

Western Australia
Jess Moyes